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HP GRAPHITE is a manufacturer of graphite products, including graphite electrodes (regular power graphite electrodes, high power graphite electrodes, ultra-high power graphite electrodes), graphite square (extrusion, molding, isostatic pressing), graphite powder (artificial graphite powder), graphite crucibles, graphite molds. With more than 15 years of experience in the graphite and carbon materials industry, building a first-class brand of graphite materials has always been our unremitting pursuit! Our manufacturing factories have passed the certification of ISO 9001: 2008 system. We have a talent team of strong R&D and production capabilities in graphite and we offer different high quality graphite electrodes and carbon product solutions for customers in different applications. more

Application of Graphite Electrodes

  • Steel-making

  • Casting workshop

  • Metallurgical furnace

  • Nonferrous metals industry

  • Ceramic smelting

  • Glass industry

  • Garbage recovery

Customer Feedback

HP GRAPHITE is very professional in this industry. We are very satisfied with the products and after-sales service provided by HP GRAPHITE. Thank you very much and we look forward to more cooperation. 

Li Mingyu from a silicon plant in Yunnan, China

High power graphite electrodes (HP)Price for Minimum Order Quantity: ¥10000

HP GRAPHITE is an industry-leading manufacturer that integrates manufacture, marketing, export and s... ...

Regular power graphite electrodesPrice for Minimum Order Quantity: ¥8,000

Regular power graphite electrodes are mainly applied to electric arc furnaces for steel-making. We a... ...

Ultra-high power graphite electrodesPrice for Minimum?Order Quantity: ¥13,000

Ultra-high power graphite electrodes provided by HP GRAPHITE are mainly specialized for electric arc... ...

Graphite electrode nippleAuxiliary

In order to prevent the connection of the graphite electrode from loosening, all graphite electrode ... ...

Artificial graphite | Artificial graphite powderPrice for Minimum Order Quantity: ¥2,800

Synthetic graphite powder is also called artificial graphite | artificial graphite powder. Generally... ...

Graphite square | Graphite block (Extrusion | Molding | Isostatic pressing)Price for Minimum Order Quantity: ¥6,800

Graphite block | graphite square: is a main graphite product. The production process of the graphite... ...

Graphite electrode scraps | Graphite scrapsPrice for Minimum Order Quantity: ¥3,500

Graphite scrap | graphite electrode scrap: The graphite scrap has different definitions in different... ...

Graphite rod | Carbon rodPrice for Minimum Order Quantity: ¥6,800

Graphite rod / carbon rod: is an important graphite product. The graphite rod | carbon rod is widely... ...

Graphite tilePrice for Minimum Order Quantity: ¥6,800

The graphite tile is named according to the shape of graphite products which is similar to that of t... ...

Graphite CruciblePrice for Minimum Order Quantity: ¥8,000

It has high thermal conductivity and the performance is stable at high temperatures, thus maintainin... ...

Graphite molds | Graphite articlesPrice for Minimum Order Quantity: ¥7.600

Graphite molds are molds made of graphite materials. As graphite products have good electrical and t... ...

From raw materials to products, we strictly monitor the quality of production, and eliminate unqualified products directly, thus eliminating your worries.

“Quality First, Price Second”: We have 19 years of experience in the industry and have numerous material suppliers and partners to ensure the quality of the raw materials and the proper price.

We have free customer consultation service to provide optimal solution for customers.

HP GRAPHITE will provide free debugging for customers who use the product for the first time and provide solutions within 48 hours in case of any problem

HP GRAPHITE provides an emergency response solution after the accident and takes necessary measures provide assistance according to the situation.

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Graphite Electrodes

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