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Committed services of HP GRAPHITE

  • Pre-sale service

Provide consultancy, sales and technical personnel to the customer for product details, performance and quality, 24 hours to provide users with the problems and technical consultation.

Design company technical personnel can according to customer requirements or equipment use environment, inspection field, to provide customers with optimal solutions of form a complete set of graphite products.

  • Sale service

Sales monitoring product usage at any time, the goods to the customer designated place within a week, the sales staff telephone inquiries about the acceptance and other requirements. Assist installation services, this paper introduces the use method and technical requirements.

  • After-sales service

  • Training: operation to the steel factory or the customer production sites for the on-site training for operation and maintenance.

Technical support: we received technical support from the user request or after failure report, it will immediately by phone way get in touch with the unit, and guide the user to solve the problem. 24 x7 customer service telephone 400-635-0755. Qq online services: 2406779356

Remote network support, realize the company's web site and email online technical support, web site:


Email address: sales@juxingtansu.com

Site service: if you need engineer scene understanding and judgment, and solve the problem, our company promises will be received within 8 hours after failure to arrange technical personnel to the scene.

Supervision and management of service: if users are not satisfied with our field service personnel, can feedback to the company, the company will further arrange technical personnel to the scene to solve the problem.