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Artificial graphite | Artificial graphite powder

Synthetic graphite powder is also called artificial graphite | artificial graphite powder. Generally, we use this name to distinguish it from natural graphite powder. Graphite powder is produced when processing graphite electrode as its by-product. In addition, graphite powder can also be obtained by calcining petroleum coke powder at a certain temperature and then undergoes graphitisation. Graphite powder has superior performance and extensive use. It also has various sources, since every graphite product can be processed into graphite powder.   

Artificial graphite | artificial graphite powder has high purity. Graphite powder also has excellent lubricating property and strong electrical conductivity, so it is used as carburants in most cases to improve the carbon content of products, such as for steel-making, reduction gears and casting. At the same time, graphite powder is widely used in the fire protection industry. Sometimes, it will be used as batteries or brake linings. 

Unique physical characteristics of graphite powder: 

  • Relatively strong electrical and thermal conductivity 
  • High purity and high crystalline structure 
  • Relatively strong stability (Carbon molecules remain unchanged at high temperatures) 
  • High degree of lubrication 

 We have more than 15 years of experience in graphite material production and are able to provide high quality graphite powder with different granularity. The physical and chemical indexes of graphite powder we provide exceed the common indexes of the industry by 20 %. A special graphite powder manufacturing workshop is established to provide customers with high-purity, ordinary and ultra-fine particle graphite powder. We have leading graphite powder processing technologies and superior cost performance. 

Physical and chemical indexes of graphite powder

Product name Specification (mm)Physical and chemical indexes Application Packaging 

Carbon content (not less than) Sulphur content (not more than) 

Graphite powder 0-1.0980.05Be suitable to be used as additives for carbon products and carburants for steelmaking. Be packaged by plastic films woven in plastic textile bag, with one ton per bag. 

Processing specification of artificial graphite powder

Carbon content: 98-99.9 

Granularity: 1/4--5 mm 

Application industry of graphite powder

  • Lubricating material 
  • Energy industry 
  • Metallurgy 
  • Electrical industry 
  • Carbon brush industry 
  • Thread components 
  • Drilling equipment 
  • Rubber and polymer composites 
  • Packaging box sealing industry 


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