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Graphite tile

The graphite tile is named according to the shape of graphite products which is similar to that of tiles used in buildings. However, it is not called like this in academic field and is only a folk name. Normally, the graphite tile is a kind of graphite block. However, it has its own uniqueness. The graphite tile is divided into many classes according to different requirements for resistance and electrical conductivity when it is used. As the manufacturing process of graphite products is similar, the physical and chemical indexes of the graphite tile can refer to those of the graphite electrode. It is a refractory material used in metal smelting. As the graphite tile generally does not have a fixed specification, our production of graphite tiles is custom-made based on actual customer demand. 

HP Graphite is a manufacture of producing graphite products. We provide different graphite products for customers for different applications.  


HP Graphite's advantages in supplying graphite tiles 

  • More than 15 years of experience in graphite products; solve your graphite demand efficiently.
  • Strong ability of transferring graphite supply chains; satisfy your demand from the source.
  • Outstanding design team; escort your use and quotation of graphite tiles.
  • Complete after-sales service; we will provide you with unique solutions to the problems arising from the use of graphite tiles.
  • Write down your requirements in the following table, and we will provide you with the best graphite solution within 12 hours. 


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