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Graphite Crucible

It has high thermal conductivity and the performance is stable at high temperatures, thus maintaining good performance even in use process under high temperature. The thermal expansion coefficient of a graphite crucible is very small, and the effect on the performance of the crucible is also very small in the case of shock cooling and shock heating. The graphite crucible has superior performance in smelting alloy tool steel, nonferrous metals and other alloys, so it is widely used in metallurgical, casting, mechanical, chemical industries and other industrial sectors. The application of graphite crucibles receives good technical and economic effect. 


The domestic graphite crucible has made great progress in both the manufacturing level and the technical level, and has the following advantages over foreign crucibles: 

  1. High mechanical density: the graphite crucible has strong electrical conductivity due to its high density and mature production process; 

  2. Long service life: Because of the special glaze layer on the surface of the graphite crucible and high molding density of materials, the corrosion resistance of products has been greatly improved, greatly extending the service life of the graphite crucible; 

  3. Advanced graphitisation process: the product performance of the graphite crucible has been improved through graphitisation. If natural graphite is used for graphitisation during the graphitisation, the thermal conductivity of the crucible will be enhanced. It is best not to place the graphite crucible with high temperature on metal articles with too low temperature just after processing, so as to avoid surface cracking caused by temperature drop.   

When there are many kinds of alloys to be smelted and the quantity is relatively small, the graphite crucible can be used to reach the best smelting effect. The only thing you need to do is to change the graphite crucible for another type of metals to be smelted. Keep in mind that the refractory lining inside a graphite crucible should be replaced in time when the graphite crucible is used for smelting, or the smelted metal will be easily polluted.   

HP Graphite can process graphite crucibles with diameters ranging from 300 mm to 800 mm or perform customized processing according to your demand.   

Characteristics of graphite crucible 

  • The graphite crucible has high thermal conductivity. 

  • High temperature resistance and high corrosion resistance 

  • Good chemical stability 


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